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Higher education and research apprenticeships

The apprenticeship is a type of work contract specifically created for youth, in which the company provides both remuneration and professional training for the young worker while benefiting from tax reductions in exchange. It is a type of contract therefore that is particularly suited for growing companies looking to invest in young workers to progressively grow within the enterprise.

As the contract can be defined as a "learning agreement", periods of work will alternate with periods of study, which can take place both within the company and in accredited external structures. The contract is aimed at young people aged up to 29 and will result in the earning of a post-graduate degree, such as a PhD.

Companies can contact to IMT to activate higher education and research apprenticeship agreements with students that have been deemed eligible to enroll in IMT's PhD program. Companies can also contact the Institute with profiles of interest (that are also in line with IMT's research agenda) to advertise in the next PhD program call.

Eligible companies include all national private enterprises in all sectors.

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