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Thesis & Graduation

Thesis and Advisors

At the end of the doctoral program, PhD candidates must submit a thesis dissertation, consisting of a suitable body of original academic research. The final exam takes place in front of the Graduation Committee, and consists of a public defense of the thesis. Students are granted the PhD degree after passing the final exam. Within the selected curriculum, the exact subject of the PhD thesis will be decided by the student and the selected advisor regarding a topic of common interest.

After the degree has been granted, IMT sends a copy of each PhD thesis to the National Libraries of Rome and Florence. Each thesis will also be made available on the IMT web site through an open access archive.

The Scientific Board promotes the dissemination of the results of each thesis, organizing a public seminar where each PhD graduate presents his or her research results to an audience of qualified peers and professionals active in the relevant field.

Each PhD student at IMT is supported by an Advisor.

Advisors provide guidance to their students in the realization of their research projects and the writing and revision of the thesis. They are members of the international academic community, either resident or visiting professors at IMT, and are members of the Scientific Board. Advisors are generally appointed at the very beginning of the Program.

You can find the full list of alumni, along with the title of their thesis and name of their advisor, on the alumni page.


In order to be granted a PhD degree, candidates must successfully defend a doctoral dissertation (in English) at the end of the three years of study. The thesis must positively evaluated by the advisor and two external referees before the PhD Scientific Board can admit the candidate to the defense session. The candidate's academic performance over the course of the PhD program is also taken into consideration before their admission to the defense session.

In the exceptional case that the candidate is not able to complete the thesis within three years or if the defense is deemed unsuccessful, a one-year extension for the defense of the thesis can by granted by the Director, after the approval of the PhD Scientific Board. The extension is only in terms of time allowed for the successful completion of the defence; scholarship and housing will terminate in any case at the end of the three-year period.

All theses at IMT are made accessible in the institutional repository in accordance with the Creative Commons 3.0 Unported license. For further information and instructions on how to submit the thesis see the Manual for electronic deposit of PhD theses.