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Evaluation of applications

Applicants are evaluated by a selection committee on the basis of past academic performance (grades) and background, scientific relevance and aptitude to research within the selected Track, and any other additional pertinent data submitted in the application (such as scientific publications, if any). While ranking of applicants is mostly driven by academic achievement, scientific pertinence is also taken into consideration for admission.

The candidates that pass the initial assessment of the applications will be invited for an interview with the selection committee, either in person at the IMT campus, or via standard internet videoconference, or through any other procedure allowing visual contact with the candidates and viewing of their identity document. Candidates with no access to videoconferencing facilities can conduct the interview at an Italian embassy or consulate.

During the evaluation process, in rare circumstances, the selection committee may propose a different Track from the one chosen by the candidate.

Equal opportunities are ensured to all candidates throughout the evaluation process.


XXXV Cycle: Candidates admitted to the Programs

Admitted candidates have 5 days to accept or decline the position by no later than July 10th, 2019, emailing
Even if your name is not at the top of the list, but you are still considered eligible, there is a probability for you to be admitted to the Program in case additional funding becomes available to increase the number of positions or in case of other candidates’ withdrawal. If you believe that the IMT School is indeed a good fit for you, we strongly encourage you not to accept other offers: eligible candidates will be promptly updated about the status of the ranking and the scholarship assignment.

PhD in Cognitive and Cultural Systems: Admitted Candidates

Baldinelli LiviaAMCH100YES
Bekenova, KristinaAMCH100YES
Bergamo, DamianaCCSN100YES
Byrne, Sean AnthonyCCSN100YES
Carlenzi, EmanueleAMCH100YES
Coraci, DavideCCSN100YES
Crescenzi, NicoleAMCH100YES
D'Amato, LuisanaAMCH100YES
Fantoni, MartaCCSN100YES
Gagliardi, RodolfoAMCH100YES
Hetemoglu, Merve AsliAMCH100YES
Ludovici, GinevraAMCH100YES
Pigoni, AlessandroCCSN100YES
Radecki, Marcin AleksanderCCSN100YES
Salvesen, Leila Anna ChristinaCCSN100YES
Reynolds, Adam Peter FrederickCCSN99,50YES

PhD in Cognitive and Cultural Systems: Eligible Candidates

Rafstedt, AnnaAMCH99,00
Fattori, ChiaraCCSN98,50
Rajabi, EhsanAMCH98,00
Dell'Acqua, CarolaCCSN97,50
Sheykholeslami, KhaledAMCH97,00
Sanabria Carrillo, KatlynCCSN96,50
Ferlito, FlaminiaAMCH96,00
Ambrosi, PierfrancescoCCSN95,50
Tomassetti, DanilaAMCH95,00
Zanchi, SilviaCCSN94,50
Marcucci, DeboraAMCH94,00
Senesi, Rosso ManuelCCSN93,50
Bonfanti, DavideCCSN93,00
Belli, FrancescoCCSN92,50
Krstić, MarijanaCCSN92,00
Salvatori, MassimilianoCCSN91,50
Cecconi, BenedettaCCSN91,00
Benedetti, ViolaCCSN90,50
Riesthuis, PaulCCSN90,00
O'Malley, Bonnie AnneCCSN89,50
Cristiano, AzzurraCCSN89,00
Farina, RamonaCCSN88,50
Zhang, ShufeiCCSN88,00
Li, QiangCCSN87,50
Petrizzo, IreneCCSN87,00
Fasiello, ElisabettaCCSN86,50
Vigasina, KristinaCCSN86,00


PhD in Cognitive and Cultural Systems: Withdrawn Candidates

Trevisan, NicolòCCSN


PhD in Systems Science: Admitted Candidates

Adobbati, FedericaCSSE100YES
Bellucci, ChiaraENBA100YES
Eluchans, MattiaENBA100YES
González, Ángel de Jesús ValverdeCSSE100YES
Hidalgo Escudero, AlbertoENBA100YES
Longo, LuigiENBA100YES
Pizziol, VeronicaENBA100YES
Randone, FrancescaCSSE100YES
Santucci, FrancescaENBA100YES
Squillace, GiuseppeCSSE100YES
Valiani, SerenellaCSSE100YES
Zhu, MengjiaCSSE100YES
Gurioli, VirginiaENBA99,50YES
Menchetti, StefanoCSSE99,00YES
Micocci, FrancescaENBA98,50YES
Kumar, Tota RakeshCSSE98,00YES


PhD in Systems Science: Eligible Candidates

Rama, DanieleENBA97,50
Baccini, FedericaCSSE97,00
Blázquiz Pulido, Juan FranciscoENBA96,50
Abdufattokhov, Shokhjakhon Shukhratbek o'g'liCSSE96,00
Byrne, Sean AnthonyENBA95,50
Sorrentino, GiusiCSSE95,00
Papagalli, OttaviaENBA94,50
Maunero, NicolòCSSE94,00
Dionigi, PierfrancescoENBA93,50
El Fauti, AhmedCSSE93,00
Adil, SamiaCSSE92,00
Ragno, TancrediENBA91,50
Memon, Tabinda MumtazCSSE91,00
Romagnoli, MatteoENBA89,50
Ravendran, AhalyaCSSE90,00
Lorè, NunzioENBA89,50
Das, Mahadeb KumarCSSE89,00
Grigoletti, ChiaraENBA88,50
Paiva, Pedro Victor Vieira deCSSE88,00
Anteneh, Zecharias FeteneENBA87,50
S, Aandrew BaggioCSSE87,00
Ciambezi, LeonardoENBA86,50
Ruscio, FrancescoCSSE86,00
Bacchiocchi, AndreaENBA85,50
Quartullo, RenatoCSSE85,00


PhD in Systems Science: Withdrawn Candidates

Pezzuto, RobertoENBA
Dhari, Rahul SinghCSSE
Pratissoli, FedericoCSSE
Dempsey, SeraphimENBA