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Fees, Scholarships and Facilities

PhD students at IMT enjoy the following benefits and services:


All students admitted to the PhD program are not required to pay tuition fees. A number of grants are available to support the participation to the program (see exact number in the current call. Additional grants may become available after the launch of the call). Grants are assigned to admitted students according to the final ranking determined by the evaluation process. The grant is €15,343.28 per year (≅ €13,640.64 net/year), and can be increased by 50% during the periods spent abroad for study and research (from 2 to 9 months).


All students who are granted a scholarship have free accommodation in shared double rooms on campus residential facilities.


All PhD students at IMT are offered free meals (lunch and dinner) at the School canteen located on campus. Lunch and dinner are served each day, Monday through Sunday, for the entire academic year. Vegetarian menus or take-away meals are available on request through the online canteen reservation system.


Advanced training and research at IMT are fully integrated thanks to the high quality of its services and underlying scientific infrastructure. All IMT structures are located in the historical center of Lucca and make up an integrated campus for advanced studies and research. See Campus for more information.

Welcoming Services

IMT assists students with arrival and administrative procedures (Visa, Stay Permit, Health insurance, Tax & Other). More information is available in the Visa, Stay Permit, Health, Tax & Other Useful Information and in Campus.

Other Services

All PhD students have access to library facilities and can benefit from the services of the IT support staff for all technical requests related to study and research.

Further details can be found in PhD program regulations.