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Policies and Procedures

There are a number of important policies and procedures that must be followed by all IMT students.

 PhD Program regulation: This document lists all the rules that each student enrolled in the PhD program must follow, setting the standards of conduct as well as outlining the disciplinary and appeal procedures applicable when these rules are breached.

 Facilities Regulations: The rules and procedures for the use of the School's premises, as well as the residential services available to IMT affiliates, are outlined in this document.

 Regulation on use of dedicated funds, reimbursement of expenditures for offsite research and institutional activities and representation expenses

 IMT Code of Conduct and Ethics

 Codice di comportamento di IMT Alti Studi Lucca

 Policy for the use of mailing lists

 Policy for the use of email addresses @IMT with particular regard to privacy

 Manual for electronic deposit