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Analysis and Management of Cultural Heritage

Director: Emanuele Pellegrini

Curriculum Overview

The curriculum in Analysis and Management of Cultural Heritage proposes courses in Management of Cultural Heritage and Cultural Institutions, European and International Legislation on Cultural Heritage and Landscape, Art History, Museology, Technologies applied to the valorization of Cultural Heritage. Both research oriented and practice oriented courses constitute the program, which aims at educating qualified professionals operating in the concrete field of cultural management and academics. It promotes research offering the students a lively contact with different research approaches and methodologies, through case studies belonging to research fields such as Art History, Classical Archaeology and Museology.

Input and Output Profiles

The curriculum aims at providing prospective professionals operating in the field of management of culture and cultural heritage with specific know- hows. Prospective students should preferably have an undergraduate background in the Social Sciences, the Humanities, or ICT related to Cultural Heritage. This curriculum will enable graduates to access:

  1. Academic career in Archaeology, Art History, Economy of Culture and Management of Cultural Heritage.
  2. Public and private Institutions dealing with the concrete management of Cultural Heritage, promotion of Culture and Tourism, organization of cultural events, diffusion and teaching of culture.


Research Units contributing to the curriculum 

 LYNX (main),  AXES,  MoMiLab,  Networks.

Ph.D. candidates also have the opportunity to collaborate with other institutions that work with IMT Research Units:

  • ASK Centre (Art, Science and Knowledge)
  • Bocconi University
  • STI-CNR, for themes related to the use of ICT technologies in the field of Cultural Heritage both in terms of valorization and analysis (e.g. CH applications of data management and data mining technologies)


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