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Innovation Center Lab - Neuroscience (ICLN)

Innovation Center Lab-Neuroscience (ICLN), is the result of a collaboration agreement between IMT School for Advanced Studies and Intesa Sanpaolo, one of the largest financial institution in Italy and in Europe.

The laboratory has been created to generate economic value by integrating the IMT attitude to the multidisciplinary research with the Intesa Sanpaolo ability to identify new business and development opportunities.

ICLN promotes innovative research projects in science and technology through the adoption of a multidisciplinary approach and the use of innovative methods.

Main activities

  • Neuroscience-based research on consumer behavior
    ICLN analyzes the neurobiological basis of consumer behavior using different methods from the traditional ones. The laboratory integrates cognitive and behavioral assessments with economic-financial analysis in order to provide relevant indicators for the creation of successful products and services.
  • Research on new learning tools in digital trainingThe laboratory uses an experimental approach based on personological and neurobiological parameters to identify new digital learning models. The study of the cognitive mechanisms and styles involved in the process and the identification of the most important stimulus factors enables the laboratory to design personalized training and development activities.