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Committee for Equal Opportunities

Committee for Equal Opportunities, focused on ensuring the wellbeing of workers, eliminating discrimination and providing equal opportunities in the workplace was established pursuant to Article 57 of Legislative Decree 165/2001, as amended by Article 21 of Law no. 183/2010 and in accordance with Article 23 of the School Statute.

The Committee has a joint composition and consists of a member designated by each of the representative trade union organizations, according to the law, and by an equal number of School representatives, as well as by as many alternates, selected from the teaching staff, researchers and the administrative technical staff, in order to ensure an overall equal presence of both genders.

The Committee replaces, unifying the expertise of the separate equal opportunities and the anti-bullying committees, of which it assumes all the functions entrusted by the law and by collective agreements.

The Committee is entrusted with proactive, advisory and verification duties and works in collaboration with the national equality councilor. It contributes to the optimization of the productivity of public work, improving the performance efficiency related to the guarantee of a work environment characterized by the respect of the principles of equal opportunities, of organizational wellbeing and the combat of any form of discrimination and moral or psychological violence towards workers.


Current members:

  • Emiliano Ricciardi (President) - Associate Professor; Delegate for relations with Alumni, Social policy and Equal opportunities
  • Antonella Barbuti - Category D permanent staff
  • Alice Baudone - Category D permanent staff
  • Andrea Ceravolo - Category C permanent staff

Alternate members:

  • Linda Bertelli - Fixed-term researcher pursuant to Article 24 paragraph 3 letter b) of Law 
  • Anna Smaniotto - Category D permanent staff
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