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The IMT canteen is located in the San Francesco Complex within the "Stecca" building and is accessible from within the complex and from an external door located on the northern side of the complex.

Canteen Timetable

  • Lunch - from 12:30 to 14:30 (the canteen service will close at 15:00)
  • Dinner - from 20:00 to 21:00 (the canteen service will close at 21:30)

Internal Users

Meals must be booked via the  IMT Intranet, where you can choose the time you would like to dine and the type of meal you would like (regular, vegetarian, eat-in or takeaway). Lunch can be booked in 30 minute intervals from 12:30 to 14:00, while dinner can be booked from 20:00 to 20:30. You can also download the latest menu from the Intranet. In order to ensure the freshest, highest quality ingredients, the menu changes on a seasonal basis.


If you are a visiting scholar or professor, seminar speaker, lecturer or job candidate, (or visiting the Institute with any other type of short-term or non-resident appointment) you are also eligible to use the IMT canteen. The staff or faculty member arranging your visit will either have your meals booked for you (for very short stays) or inform you that you have been given access via the IMT intranet to book your meals directly.

Residential facilities

The residential facilities for students and new and visiting faculty are an integral part of the IMT campus. IMT is in fact one of the only Italian higher education institutes to offer such a possibility to its research community. The Institute believes that residentially is essential to fostering a vibrant and dynamic research community, mirroring in many ways the interconnectedness of its interdisciplinary research and education program.

The residential facilities are made up of double rooms with en-suite bathroom for eligible doctoral students and studio and one-bedroom apartments (complete with kitchenette and study area) for visiting faculty. In many instances new fixed-term and permanent resident faculty are offered an initial period in the residential facilities while they look for long-term accommodation in Lucca. Rooms/apartments are accessible by an electronic badge (which will be provided upon your arrival). Specific information regarding the appliances in your room/apartment and the cleaning schedule can be found within your room, or will be provided by the staff member arranging your stay.

Parking and transit within the city center

Monthly parking

Park Mazzini temporary unavailable - Thanks to an agreement with Metro, a local parking company, IMT students, faculty and staff are allowed to park in the underground parking lot "Park Mazzini" at a reduced price. To apply for a monthly parking pass, download this form. While all of the instructions can be found on the form, remember that it must be sent to the Facilities Office by the 24th of the month before you wish to use the parking lot. The cost is 20€/month. 

Metro has temporary suspended the agreement because of an insufficient availability of parking spaces reserved to subscriptions. The suspension does not apply to those who have an ongoing parking pass.

New parking area available - As an alternative to the previous agreement, Metro has proposed to IMT users a different parking area located just outside Porta Elisa, a few steps from San Francesco Campus, San Ponziano Library and IMT administrative offices. In order to apply please fill out the  form containing all the necessary information of the parking facility.

Daily/short-term parking

The city of Lucca has numerous options for parking within and outside of the walls. All of the city’s parking is managed by Metro srl. Their  website is an excellent resource (in both English and Italian) for finding parking lots and the real-time availability of parking spaces. If you are interested in visiting one Lucca’s many tourist attractions, this  map will show you the nearest parking lot to every attraction. 

Transit within the city center

The majority of the city center of Lucca is off-limits for cars that do not have a special permit reserved for residents. If you do live within the city walls, your real estate agent should be able to give you advice for obtaining a special transit permit from the city hall. If you do not live within the city center, there are some areas of the city where cars are free to drive. You can refer to the i nteractive map of where cars are permitted to circulate without a permit.