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Student and Alumni Association

The Student and Alumni Association of IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca was constituted in 2016 to foster and develop interpersonal cultural and professional relationships between the School’s students and alumni through a network of people, competences and experiences. The Association's goal for the next three years is to launch new and various activities to valorize and promote, in both national and international spheres, the School's scientific excellence and research reputation, the welfare of the School and its members, and to create a network that will actively support the job placement services by capturing synergies and reinforcing shared values.

Call for Memberships

Who may apply?

  1. Enrolled students and alumni can become Full Members of the Association.
  2. Contributing Members, who may be either natural or legal persons, are declared such by the Executive Committee in virtue of their economic and financial support of the Association.
  3. Honorary Members, who may be either natural or legal persons, are declared such by the Executive Committee for their particular economic, financial, organizational support or for their particularly noteworthy professional or scientific merits despite not being an IMT School student or alumnus. 


To submit your application, please fill out and sign the attached Memebership Application Form at the bottom of the page and send it by email to

Board Members - Executive Committee and President

  • The Executive Committee (EC) consists of 10 Members elected by the General Assembly, of the Director of the IMT School and of the President of the Fondazione Lucchese per l’Alta formazione e la Ricerca (or their delegate). The EC actuates the Assembly’s deliberations, promotes the initiatives regarding the objectives of the Association; manages the organization and the administration of the association and delivers the operative instruction, and so forth.
  • The President, elected by the Executive Committee from amongst its Members, gives impetus to the activities of the Association, is the legal representative and manages the external relations of the Association and convenes and presides over the Executive Committee and General Assembly. The President convenes the Executive Committee, coordinates its activities and ensures that all Members of the Executive Committee are adequately informed regarding the materials to be analyzed.

For further assistance, please contact:

IMT School Student and Alumni Association - Delegate for Relations with Alumni, Social Policy and Equal Opportunities, Pro-tempore President of the SAA: 
Prof. Emiliano Ricciardi: +39 0583 4326 711 | 

IMT School Student and Alumni Association - Executive Committee:

IMT School Student and Alumni Association - Information and Liason with the Public Administration:
Maria Mateos Irigoyen: +39 0583 4326 577 |