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As of December 2018, 299 IMT students have been awarded a PhD. Of these alumni, 46% are working in universities or research institutes, 24% work for private companies and 19% currently work for other institutions. About 38% of IMT alumni work abroad.


Among other universities or research institutes, IMT's alumni hold appointments at: NATO Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation; Lund University (Sweden); University of London; Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Trento; Politecnico di Milano; IMSaT University of Dundee (UK); Belgian Nuclear Research Center, Alberta University (Canada), Hamburg University.

Among private companies, IMT's alumni are working at: McKinsey & co.; Hangartner Terminal Srl; Finmeccanica spa; Edison Trading (Italy); Fluidmesh Networks; British Telecom (UK); UBS (Svizzera); Lam Research (Austria); Banque Centrale Populaire (Morocco); List SpA; Google Inc. (CH).

Among other institutions, IMT's alumni are working at: Italian Parliament; Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri della Repubblica Italiana, Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Italy's Central Bank; ESTAV Nord-Ovest (Italy); Italian Military Navy; Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany.


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