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Evaluation of Research Quality

2004-2010 – The Excellent Results Obtained by IMT

The results of the evaluation of research quality (VQR) for the 2004- 2010 period were presented in Rome in July of 2013. The survey, the first of its kind conducted in Italy, was carried out by the ANVUR (National Agency for the Evaluation of Universities and Research Institutes), whose main goal is to assess the quality of scientific research conducted by universities and public and private research institutions supervised by the Ministry of Education in 14 scientific areas. 133 structures and over 180,000 research products (which included articles, monographs, essays, conference proceedings, software and databases) were assessed according to the criteria of relevance, originality and internationalization.

IMT obtained excellent results and came out as leader for the area 13, "economics and statistics", which also includes the fields of management, political economy and economic history. In this area, IMT in fact obtained a score of 2.83/3, with an average score of 0.91/1 regarding the publications presented, receiving therefore an evaluation that is nearly 3 times the national average in the area, with a percentage of excellent research products (articles, monographs, proceedings, etc.) that is 4 times the national average. It is an extraordinary success, considering that such a score was not obtained by any other university in all of the 14 scientific areas evaluated.

Although IMT was not evaluated by the ANVUR in other scientific areas given that there was not a sufficient number of faculty members for the period of evaluation, it was possible to calculate IMT’s position in other fields using the scores of faculty members that were evaluated individually. These results were also excellent; the comprehensive average score was 0.92/1, with an average of 0.98/1 (based on the 10 research products evaluated) in the areas of computer science, engineering and mathematics.

The results obtained by IMT in the VQR collocate the School as a center of excellence within the national university panorama.